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Ordsall Hall workshops update

We had some excellent young stitchers at our Easter holiday workshops at Ordsall Hall.  Some were completely new to sewing and as young as 4 years old but all soon got into the rhythm of simple running stitch, with the older ones branching out into patterns they designed themselves.  Those who didn’t quite finish took a needle and more thread to complete their Binca bookmark at home. Well done, everyone, we hope you continue stitching and enjoy these photos of your work.
Alice age 4 (800x480) Alice age 7 (800x291) Anna age 11 (800x286) Eleanor and Sam age 7 (800x484) Gabriella age 6 (800x250) Helena and Rachel age 4 and 7 (800x515) Kayla age 8 (800x260) Kinley age 11 (800x272) Niamh age 7 (800x291)
We also had a visit from Liz who started her stitching at our first session for adults.  See the photo of her amazing work below.
Liz (800x356)


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