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Workshop – March 2016

Members offered a series of taster workshops for embroiderers of all levels to share and to have fun.  Denise introduced Knot Stitches – we didn’t realise there were so many,  Sue showed us Hardanger techniques – careful snipping needed here and Lynda had her group producing prints on Gelli Plates – messy enjoyment! There were demonstrations of Spinning by Pam and Tatting by Serena. Later, Ida helped her group to create Suffolk Brooches – a new use for an old tradition and Hilary started her group on 18th Century Knotting – the earlier knot stitches came in handy.

A very successful day with something for everyone, as you can see from these photos.

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If you are interested in joining our branch we would love to see you.  You can find details on our membership page.

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